[FAN ACCOUNT] JYJ Tony Moly Global Fanmeet 2013

JYJ Global Fanmeeting 2013

They were in the same level as mine. 6th floor. I was looking for my gifts for them. I left it in my room. So i have to go up from the fm place to my room. I was in hurry so i run and after arrived at 6th floor i saw bodyguards and girls standing near my room. I think and i’m sure they are JYJs bodyguard and cordies. After that i went to my room, took my gifts for them and then i waited behind the door. I was waiting until they came out. But i think i can’t wait any longer, because the FM started soon. So i went out and back to the venue. And then The staff called TM Indonesia’s CEO and other CEOs to took a picture with JYJ. So envyy. So i waited for JYJ. 

And finally the MC shouted JYJ! Gahhh i was so excited!!! The doors opened and they came in started from that handsome bodyguard (you know who is he, right? It’s @GuardStyle oppa  ^^) and then Yoochun followed by Jaejoong and Junsu. oh my God. I wanted to stay cool when meet them and…. BIG FAILED. THEY ARE TOO HANDSOME. AND I WAS SCREAMING LIKE CRAZY. yes, like crazy. Hahaha. They walked from the back door to the stage. They are PERFECT from head to toe. FM started. Yoochun asked for drink. Kkk he is so cute when he spoke ‘mul’ which means water. His chu lips :* (i’m a chunsa lol). After that they answer the questions from the MC. I forgot what she asked them, because i was focusing on JYJ. Hahaha. Junsu is so happy today, he smiles a lot 😀 even my mom and the reporter said he is so cute and very kind 😀 *i’m a proud fans, yeah!!!* i think he always smile from the begining until the end. Too cute and too dangerous. LMAO. His hair color is very bright. Its like a traffic light lol *sorry Junsu XD*. Lets move to Jaejoong. I think he was really tired ㅠㅠ. And Yoochun… OH MY GOD.. HIS HAIR IS LONGER NOW!! CONGRATS CHUNSAS ♥♥ he is too shinny XD lol i’m not kidding. As usual, he always try to hold his smile and then… FAILED XD love it ♥ Gahhh he is so cute! I was trying to stay cool, but i can’t lol XD i can’t really saw them because i sat a bit far and i don’t bring my glasses.. What a stupid.


Long story short, fan signing time!! Finally 😀 i was very excited! Indonesia and Singapore sat in the same table. For fan signing, we were the 10th. It’s our turn. I went beside the stage, put my gifts for them into 3 boxes and queuing. And it’s my turn. I WAS SO NERVOUS. I walked slowly and went to Junsu. He smiled!! So cute >,< i was standing in front of him, he smiled and i was like *YOU DUCKBUTT DON’T YOU EVER TRY TO KILL ME WITH YOUR ANGELIC SMILE ARGH* and he looked at my name tag. He said “Indonesia!” he was very excited and i said to him while he was signing “yes! Please have a concert in Indonesia”. he looked at me, smiled and said “Okay! ^^” and give his signed picture. I didn’t expect that he would answer my words. Hahaha. So i said “oh really??” i was shocked. Kkk~ let’s wait for JYJ concert in Indonesia 🙂 I love the way he spoke “Okay!” so cute! XD I moved to Jaejoong’s place. He looked at me and looked at my name tag, and i said “oppa, please eat more, you are so thin.” and he looked at me and he was like *what are you talking about?* and signed my poster. I should learn korean more.. ㅠㅠ i was worried about Jaejoong. Maybe he was very tired after Tokyo Dome concert and his FM in Nanjing. Now moved to Yoochun!!! THIS MAN IS TRYING TO KILL ME WITH HIS SMILE, HIS CHEEKS, HIS SHINING FACE, HIS BRIGHT EYES AND HIS SPARKY HAIR. AND HE SUCCEED. Thanks God i didn’t faint at that time. When i moved to his place, he already smiled at me. From   the beginning, i was trying to hold my smile, i was very nervous, but i can’t. My smile became weird, my cheeks was shaking and my eyes were gone (i mean i can’t saw them clearly because i keep smiling from the start and my eyes almost closed, my eyes are a bit small. Lol). Okay back to Yoochun 🙂 he smiled at me and looked at my name tag. At that time, i can’t even think a word. I HAVE SO MANY WORDS FOR HIM, AND I FORGOT IT ALL. SO STUPID. That’s all because of his poisonous smile. Good job Chunnie. I forgot to ask him to do *swoaaahh~* in front of me, forgot to tell him to release his solo album, forgot to tell him that he is hotter these days, forgot to tell that I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. His smile is the most beautiful smile i’ve ever seen. No lie 🙂 His skin is very nice! Aigoo.. After he signed the picture, he gave it to me and SMILE AGAIN *i can’t sleep because of his smile* he’s very happy that day 🙂 i can only say “Thank You”. Oh my.. Seriously, i don’t know where is my stupid brain gone that day. I went back to my seat. And they ended the FM. Unfortunately they cancelled the photo session ㅠㅠ i’m so sad. Our CEO said because JYJ is too tired after Tokyo Dome Concert ㅠㅠ i was dreaming about the photo session, but it’s canceled. My poor heart *sobs*. Finally the FM ended. They walked to the back door. When they walked, i came closer to them. I saw Yoochun tried to hold his smile again and FAILED. Hahaha. His side view is PERFECT. I don’t know how to describe it. He is more handsome in real life! He’s walking like a model. *dies*. My mom said Junsu waved to fans. I didn’t see it. I’m not sure, Junsu or Jaejoong waved. They out from the venue. 

After that i take my room card and went back to my room. I thought that they won’t back to 6th floor, but they did. When i arrived at 6th floor, i saw their bodyguards and cordies were waiting near my room. I went in to my room and wait until they came out. I heard Yoochun’s voice speaking. Maybe speaking to the cordies? I don’t know what are they talking about. I was waiting for the right time to open my door. They were chatting in the corridor and walked slowly. Suddenly i opened my door, there’re Jaejoong and Junsu right in front of my room. Jaejoong was wearing a mask. I was very shocked then i followed them. They were walking to the service room, and using the service elevator. I think they didn’t realize that i followed them. I walked behind their cordies. they get in to the elevator, but i couldn’t see them because there’re so many cordies or maybe staffs in front of the service room door. The staff said “you’ve worked hard”. And i just heard them speaking outside the service room. And i heard Yoochun said ‘Bye’ from the elevator. SO SEXY!! After they went to the basement, the staffs and cordies went back with the public elevator, and they realized that i was looking for JYJ too. And someone said “who is this??” in korean. Thanks God i understand his words. Hahaha. 

After that when i want to went back to my room and i saw their room door is still opened. So i decided to get in. I just want to saw their room. There’s a living room, 2 beds and a big bathroom. I think it’s still too small for all of them. Because there’re too many bodyguards, staffs and cordies. I was looking inside then i went back to the FM venue. I missed my photo group. Hahaha i’ve knew it that i will missed my group photo.

During the FM, my friend said something to Yoochun “I watched your dramas” and he answered, “oh, really?”. My other friend also told me, when she went to Junsu’s place, he said “Indonesia, Indonesia”. I should ask him to sing bambaya, i forgot. I thought he has a good time when he stayed in Jakarta 🙂 

i met Taiwan fans in the hotel lobby. I was checking my twitter with a public computer.  i used Yoochun picture as my twitter background and they said something i don’t understand, but i heard them saying Yoochun’s name. I asked them “are you JYJ fans?” and they said yes they are from Taiwan. That’s how we met ㅋㅋㅋ i asked them about Yoochun’s foot just to make sure the rumor spreading in twitter. The rumor, he said he wish his foot will recover soon so he can release a solo album. One of the Taiwan fans said that she asked to Yoochun about his foot, and he said it’s okay now. I thought his foot is better now. Thanks to Taiwan fans ^^.

I wrote this fan acc during my flight from Seoul to Singapore, i’m sorry because it’s too late to make a fan acc. Kk~ i have to catch my flight early in the morning and i got my first final call. When i was in Incheon this morning, there’s a TM staff. I forgot his name *i’m sorry ahjusshi*. He’s very kind. He told us that he met Yoochun twice during making TM CF and he said Yoochun is very skinny. But he likes Jaejoong. Oh fanboy XD about Yoochun’s foot, i don’t really believe his words. I found ointment medicine and iodine inside their room. Maybe it’s okay for him. I saw there’s nothing wrong with him. He walked normally. I even forgot that he hurts his foot. Hmm i don’t know. Get well soon Jaejoong and Yoochun!!! Stay healthy, JYJ ♥♥♥#JYJFighting thank you JYJ for the fanmeet 🙂 thank you Tony Moly 🙂 thank you for your smile, handsome bodyguard Choi Seung Hwan XD we are waiting for JYJ new album and JYJ concert in Indonesia ♥

I’m sorry for my broken english. Kkk~ this is my first fan acc. Thank you for reading.


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